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1. A family history of learning disabilities

2. Being adopted or fostered. Many adopted or fostered children have a higher rate of learning disabilities


3. Was the bay born prematurely with a low AGPAR score.

4. Did the baby have frequent ear infections that may have affected hearing? These symptoms might indicate the presence of a learning disability


Look for difficulty in any of the following areas:

5. Gross motor skills eg hopping, skipping, walking on a narrow ledge (balancing) Fine motor skills eg cutting with scissors, tracing along a line and showing frustration

6. Drawing / Copying from the board or from a book andgetting frustrated trying

7. Difficulty with pencil grip / knife and fork grip

8 Has difficulty naming objects or naming things in sequence eg days of the week, months of the year.

9. Problems in understanding directions or giving directions

10 Problems with time concepts ie telling the time or understanding the concepts of before/after/later

11 Problems recalling facts or telling a story factually and sequentially eg recalling a family outing

12 Slow to learn the connection between letters and their sounds

13 Reverses b and d or u and n and sometimes d/b and p

14 Difficulty reading words – finds it difficult to decode the symbols

15 Frustrated when trying to read and gives excuses not to eg. I have a headache today. My tummy is too sore to read.

16 Remembering and following instructions

17 Has difficulty memorizing times tables or words for a play or phone numbers

18..Very forgetful about what to bring to school or taking homework home

19 Following instructions for step by step procedures eg a recipe.

20 Poor self management skills – inability to get a task started / inability to maintain a level of attention/ Poor planning

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