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The Burt Reading Scheme Module Test 2011

About the test
The test has been devised to find the correct starting module for a pupil. It does NOT assess reading ability and does not predict a reading age. The test has been divided into colour coded bands. These colours indicate the module from which the words have been taken. The modules have the same colours on the cover. This test has been used numerous times and has shown to be effective in assessing which module a pupil should start on. We do not want to frustrate a pupil by spending many hours repeating work that is already known. This will impede progress.

Click Here to download The Burt Word Recognition Test
(New Zealand Revised)Test

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Click Here to download The Burt Reading Scheme Module Test 2011

How to administer the test
1.Ensure that the pupil is relaxed and in the right frame of mind for an assessment.

2.Give the pupil the test in a quiet place, free from disturbances that will fluster or disturb his/her concentration.

3.Print out 2 copies of the test. One copy is for the pupil. One copy is for you. Fill in the details at the top of the test sheet.

4.There is no hurry. This is not a timed test. Let the pupil take his/her time to settle down. Explain that you are going to assess which module to start him/her on and that it is not a TEST like the tests at school.

5.The pupil starts at the beginning of the line and reads across. No help must be given. Keep a tally of how many words/sounds are read correctly/ incorrectly/ pronounced incorrectly/ take a long time on etc. The easiest way to keep a tally is to write the information on your copy of the test sheet as the pupil progresses through the test.

6.Once the test has been completed praise the pupil for his/her good efforts and co-operation.

7.Use the tally to choose the module to start the pupil on.

How to choose the module
There is no absolute right or wrong way of choosing the correct module. The test is simply a guide and which module you choose to start the pupil on depends on several factors:

1.How well did the pupil co-operate? Will the pupil cope with an advanced level or should he/she start with something a little easy to boost his/her confidence?

2.How many words did the pupil stumble on? Were the words read correctly but with a great deal of effort and time?

As a rule of thumb: Match the colour of the module you choose to the colour band of the section of the test that the pupil struggled with. Start with this module and then progress systematically from there on. If the pupil struggled severely with a section then you might want to start him/her on the previous module to build up confidence. If the pupil has a long history of reading difficulties/ has missed a great deal of school through illness etc, then it might be advisable to start with module 1 and progress quickly through this and onto the next modules thereafter,

If you are worried about the outcome of the test and would like some advice, please email with a full description of your query to info@burtbooks.com and we will try and resolve the problem and give advice.

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